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Basic Rapid Repairs of Six (06) over burdened Health Facilities to ensure functionality for TDPs in Host Communities of District Bannu

BARAN revitalized the following Six (06) overburdened Health Facilities hosting NWA TDPs in District Bannu.

  1. Basic Health Unit Mandew
  2. Basic Health Unit Mohammad Kheil Wazir
  3. Basic Health Unit Nurrar
  4. Basic Health Unit Mamash Kheil
  5. Basic Health Unit Amandi
  6. Basic Health Unit Fatima Khel

BHU Mandew OPD block was rocked with two bomb blasts in October 2013 caused two big craters / openings in LHV & EPI room of OPD block. Lot of furniture, equipment, medicines & ILR were damaged in the blasts. OPD Block developed deep cracks got repaired in just a short span of time. BARAN constructed Boundary wall on the back side of BHU Mandew to address the safety need / Protection aspect of OPD Block. Sanitation work, Colour wash and electric works were carried out. BARAN Provided essential medical tools , necessary furniture and sufficient stationary to health facility so that BHU may meet the needs of the visiting TDPs and Host Communities.